Closing a Solvent IR35 Company

Many Contractors coming out of contract or embarking upon retirement have substantial sums of money remaining in the Company bank account.  The most common way to close down a Company is to take any retained profit as a dividend and then dissolve the Company.  However, depending upon how much profit is available for distribution it may be more effective to take out the Company’s capital by way of a Solvent Liquidation (‘Members Voluntary Liquidation’) and benefit from the personal taxation advantages of Entrepreneurs Relief.


Only a Licenced Insolvency Practitioner can execute a Members Voluntary Liquidation (‘MVL’) despite this being a procedure for solvent companies.


We can provide a fast and professional service for Freelance Contractors to unlock cash in their business. The service has been designed utilising a MVL, which is a legal process to dissolve a freelance contractor’s Limited Company and allow the shareholder(s) to receive a tax efficient distribution.  We believe that if a contractor has begun by arranging their tax affairs efficiently, by providing services through a Limited Company, then it makes sense that when that Company is no longer required, they continue to apply tax efficient strategies to close it down.


We are specialists in providing IR35 Contractors with MVL services, and we are here to HELP.